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Questions & Answers about the CARES Program

Q: How do I know if I work for an eligible publicly funded program?
A: Qualified programs are Title V (5 CCR) state subsidized child care programs in Sacramento County. Based on the California Department of Education Program Requirements for AB212/CARES, funds must be used to retain qualified Title V (5 CCR) child care employees in state subsidized, center based programs and family child care and education home networks (Beanstalk). If you are unsure if your program meets these requirements, please speak with your program administrators about your specific program site.

Q: How do I determine which Track level I am eligible for?
A: The Track levels are determined by the amount of training/education a provider has received. For help in determining your track, visit here.

Q: Will CARES give me a stipend if Iím pursuing a graduate level degree in ECE or ECE Leadership?
A: We do have funding to support stipends to applicants pursuing a degree beyond a bachelorís in ECE.

Q: What happened to Track 5A?
A: Funding for Track 5A was restored. Previously, funding limitations required us to discontinue our funding for applicants who had already received a bachelorís degree or above. We now welcome applicants with bachelorís degrees and above who are taking professional growth training hours.

Q: How do I know what documentation to submit for my Track?
A: The specific documentation requirements are listed in the CARES Application Booklet, which all applicants received at the orientation and are also available on the Child Action, Inc. website.

Q: Do I need to submit an official transcript?
A: No. Unofficial transcripts are accepted. Please be sure it has your name, your school, and final grades for any courses you are using toward CARES.

Q: How will foreign transcripts be handled for applicants who have coursework or a degree from another country?
A: If you need courses or degrees from a foreign university to prove entry requirements to Tracks 3 or 4 (6 ECE units), please apply for your permit as soon as possible and submit your permit level as proof of track entry requirements. The Child Development Training Consortium can assist with foreign transcript reviews.

Q: What coursework will be accepted?
A: Acceptable coursework differs by Track and there is specific coursework required to earn a Child Development Teacher Permit and/or degree in Child Development. You must consult with an academic advisor at the college you are attending to get an education plan, showing an educational pathway to qualify for CARES.

Q: What grades are acceptable for a CARES Stipend?
A: Coursework must be completed with a "C" grade or higher. Courses marked "D" or "F" will not be accepted. Courses marked "I" for Incomplete or "W" for Withdrawn will not be accepted. A "Pass" in a Pass/Fail course will be accepted and a "CR" for credit in a Credit/No Credit course will be accepted. For those who are interested in Track 5B (ERS) and are attending the ERS class at Los Rios Community College, you must earn an ďAĒ in the class to be eligible for a stipend.

Q: Can the units earned through the UC Davis series count toward the CARES unit requirements?
A: No, they will not count because these units are considered continuing education units and they are not transferable to a California State University system. However, if you are applying for Track 2B, 3B or Track 5, you can use the units towards the professional growth hours requirement for those tracks. Continuing Education units are converted at a rate of 1 unit equal to 10 professional growth hours. College units can be converted to professional growth hours as well; 1 unit is equal to 15 professional growth hours.

Q: Can the units earned through the PITC training count toward the CARES unit requirements?
A: Please see a counselor at the school that you are attending with the course description from the PITC training to get approval and find out if the units can apply towards an AA degree or are transferrable towards a BA degree.

Q: Can I qualify for CARES if my education plan, educational goal, or planned degree is not in ECE?
A: If your education goal is not in ECE you must submit a Qualifying Statement. A Qualifying Statement should include the following: Applicantís professional goals, the reason the applicant is pursuing this particular course of study, a statement of how that course of study relates to ECE, and a statement indicating the applicantís clear intent to remain in the field of early care and education. The statement must be written by the applicant. It can be hand written or typed and of any length that addresses the above points. Remember that the intent of the CARES program is to support the creation of a stable, well-educated early education workforce.

Q: How do I apply for a Child Development Permit?
A: The application for the permit is available on the Commission on Teacher Credentialing website at For assistance, visit the Child Development Training Consortium or talk to your Campus CDTC Liaison. California State University, Sacramento and many of the Los Rios campuses offer Permit Assistance Workshops at various times throughout the year.

Q: Can I submit my application for my Child Development Permit?
A: You must HOLD your Child Development Permit by the documentation due date.

Q: How do I obtain a copy of my Child Development Permit?
A: Visit the State of California, Commission on Teacher Credentialing website at

Q: How do I submit professional growth training I attended outside of Child Action, Inc.?
A: You must submit the certificate received and the flyer for the training. The certificate must have your name, the name of the training agency and trainer, hours of training, and the date of the training.

Q: Do I need an Environmental Assessment conducted on my program?
A: State funded programs do not need to submit an assessment. Due to funding limitations, CARES can no longer support private programs. However, Child Action, Inc. can still provide environmental assessments for building quality. If you would like an assessment conducted on your program, please call Child Action, Inc. at (916) 369-0191.

Q: Does everyone who applies for the CARES program receive a stipend?
A: No. Due to funding limitations, NOT ALL ELIGIBLE PARTICIPANTS are guaranteed a stipend. A lottery will be held to determine all eligible applicantsí stipend.

Q: When will stipend checks be available?
A: Stipend checks are processed in spring.

Q: Is the CARES Stipend check considered taxable income?
A: Yes, the stipend check is considered taxable income and should be reported to the Internal Revenue Service. A 1099 form will be sent to the home of every recipient who received a stipend. It is the responsibility of the CARES stipend recipient to notify Child Action, Inc. of any change of address, to ensure that all proper information reaches the CARES recipient.

Q: What if I donít submit everything that is required?
A: We strongly recommend that you bring in your documentation prior to the deadline. Allow yourself ten minutes to have Child Action, Inc. staff review your packet. Applicants that are missing information or documentation will be considered incomplete and will not qualify for a stipend. Child Action, Inc. will not be responsible for missing or incomplete information. We strongly encourage you to use the Track checklist to ensure that you are not missing any documentation. Applicants receiving notification that they are ineligible due to missing documentation are encouraged to appeal if they are able to furnish missing documents.

Q: Can I use a W-2 to verify my income?
A: Yes, a W-2 can be used in lieu of a pay check with Year to Date earnings.

Q: How do I appeal?
A: You have the right to file an appeal if you believe we have made an error in determining you ineligible for the CARES Program. The Sacramento County Local Child Care and Development Planning Council set the policies for the Sacramento CARES Program and hear all appeals. Appeals must be mailed or delivered to:

Anthony Garcia, Resource & Referral Manager
Child Action, Inc.
9800 Old Winery Place
Sacramento, CA 95827

Appeals must be made in writing and will not be accepted by fax or email. An appeal will be reviewed within 30 days of the receipt of the appeal request. The applicant will be mailed a written response with the decision made by the Council within 10 working days of the decision. The decision of the Sacramento Local Child Care and Development Planning Council is the final step in the appeals process.